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Smolder: And the Griffon is knocked down another peg. How’re you doing down there Gallus?

Gallus: Casually sulking whilst studying.

Sandbar: So, the usual?

Gallus: Eeeyup.

Ocellus: I quite like that our teachers aren’t so “Prim and Proper”. It makes them seem more like their elements?

Silverstream: Don’t let Professor Rarity hear you say that. “Prim and Proper” is here big thing!

Yona: Yona agrees. Professor is Yak-like with manners and dresses!

Sandbar: DEFINITELY Don’t let Professor Rarity hear you describe her as Yak-like…


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Background Pony #1BD4
I hope Sintakhra puts the Mane 6 into the blog more frequently… the ponies drawn in the blog look amazing!!
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