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“You know, Monsieur Fancy and I were never actually married, but I am looking for someone…”

“But miss, you’re my bodyguard! And what do you mean, you weren’t married? You had his foal!”

“My job as his bodyguard had many benefits…that is, until he fired me to be with that Ponyville filly. I was lucky to be able to get another job after having my boss’s foal. However, I do have enough money saved to ruin my career, si tu veux~”

“Oh, um…I’d be much obliged, ma’am.”


Fancy Pants and Fleur De Lis were the hottest couple in Canterlot…or so it seemed. In reality, they weren’t married or even dating at all. Rather, Fleur was his top-secret bodyguard posing as his lover, a fact which almost everypony except the two of them weren’t aware of. But there may have been something more going on, considering that she had his foal shortly after he relieved her of her position. Nobody really knows, but she did get a pretty strong warning from her supervisors.
Eventually, she got another job as a bodyguard for the handsome, wealthy, and single Prince Blueblood. But she sees something in him beyond just an employer. Will she risk her career for him? You know the answer~


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