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Snowball… Win
safe (1426092)artist:nightmaremoons (382)rainbow dash (203483)twilight sparkle (259801)alicorn (162795)pegasus (187208)pony (694202)alternate hairstyle (21234)butt (9157)clothes (354763)female (757833)floppy ears (41212)frown (19552)gritted teeth (9117)lesbian (81649)levitation (8640)magic (57321)mare (333979)nose wrinkle (2623)plot (64788)rainbow socks (1200)scared (7864)scrunchy face (6310)shipping (164056)snow (10867)snowball (368)snowball fight (224)socks (49000)spread wings (40867)striped socks (16579)telekinesis (20632)twidash (4764)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101650)wide eyes (14258)wings (52696)


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@Neko Majin C
As a snowball fight started when twilight was hit right in the face by a snowball being made by rainbow dash as the first few seconds later when rainbow dash was to spot a giant shadow above her when a snowball the size of a boulder was to be dumped all over her.
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Background Pony #5AF8
@Background Pony #314E
Because the source is tagged "twidash."

From the source: #dash #friendship #magic #pie #pinkie #pony #rainbow #sparkle #twilight #little #twidash

It’s obvious their lips aren’t touching. But the artist tagged it as "twidash" in the source link anyway. And by the way, the artist ships twidash.
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