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Dyx and Filly Anon. Dyx is the Daybreaker version of the OC Nyx from the story "Past Sins". Dyx is a fucking awhile and very cruel and unusual. Filly Anon is Anonymous (4chan /mlp/ self insert) turned into a filly against his will. He still retains most of us human mind, or at least his memory.

They're a disaster waiting to happen if they're left alone together for too long. Twilight was too late in this instanxe. Their daughter is named Okie Dokey Lokey, or just "Lokey"/"Loki". (my idea for this name is the "okie dokey" could be another saying for ">implying".)
safe1600531 artist:unoriginai773 twilight sparkle286125 oc616725 oc:dyx86 oc:filly anon2446 oc:okie dokey loki3 alicorn202702 pony869411 unicorn279080 >implying11 cute183596 doodle2471 female1273140 filly60770 heart eyes14454 magical lesbian spawn10554 offspring34686 parent:oc:dyx11 parent:oc:filly anon15 parents:oc x oc1182 ponytail16141 propositioning88 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117301 vulgar19481 wingding eyes19714


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then nyx and snowdrop's offspring has an offspring with okie dokey loki
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You can't hide your implyin' eyes And your smile is a thin disguise I thought by now you'd realize There ain't no way to hide you implyin' eyes

Nicely done.
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