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And twilight had the audacity to yank him away from that universe too.
safe1602521 artist:nekoshiei131 seven seas209 rarity172655 spike75199 twilight sparkle286417 dragon49981 pony870929 unicorn279867 my little pony: the manga229 my little pony: the manga volume 186 spoiler:manga152 spoiler:manga186 alternate universe9728 blushing180318 commonity61 cute184011 female1274834 heart44118 male339212 manga995 mare433727 monochrome143916 multeity2088 official7140 portal1766 rope10519 shipping186511 shipping fuel1452 sparity6324 spikabetes1881 straight126419 tied up5244 wide eyes16241 winged spike7672


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Background Pony #6BB1
Its really full of S1 Sparity moments. Beside that story there is also a cute story where Spike helps out Rarity and Sweetie Belle making a suit for Smooze
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I want to buy the manga just for this page.

…unfortunately, something tells me this is some alternate reality Twilight assigned Spike to explore and she's not gonna let him stay there.

Yes, an even better manga would be an entire volume devoted to Spike's adventures in this alternate reality.
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Background Pony #6BB1
This entire manga feels like something the show should be about. Focused on adventures and comedy and without the forced messages in the last arc. I want the Japan to handle G5.
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