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Gogo pony rangers
safe1636143 seven seas215 applejack164279 fluttershy205295 pinkie pie209583 rainbow dash226236 rarity175652 spike76541 twilight sparkle291289 anthro244865 my little pony: the manga236 my little pony: the manga volume 190 spoiler:manga157 spoiler:manga190 mane seven6241 mane six30789 manga1003 mecha565 megazord34 monochrome145906 official7229 power rangers628 spikezilla494 voltron79


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Classic Master

Rainbow Frame…Engage!
Rarity Leg…Engage!
Fluttershy Foot…Engage!
Applejack Arm…Engage!
Pinkie Puncher…Engage!
Twilight Helm…Engage!
Together, they form: Super Ultra Mega "Friendship is Magic" Ponyzord!
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

I cant believe this is a product being sold by Hasbro, since gen 4 is ending I guess you might as well do whatever you want