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Artist’s description:
“My little Pony Knights of Equestria and the Nightmares in a full on poster. Since this is the Last Bronycon I decided to go out with a bang with these two posters (it will be broken down into two posters). I took about a two weeks to do both sides. I love the end result.
This may be my final MLP Pic that I print out hope everyone likes it.
suggestive148570 artist:shonuff44372 angel bunny10025 applejack173570 daybreaker2932 fluttershy217590 nightmare moon17243 nightmare rarity3045 pinkie pie220512 princess celestia96876 princess luna100892 rainbow dash238933 rarity185924 spike80594 trixie68816 twilight sparkle306588 human159215 timber wolf1375 the mean 61684 absurd resolution67052 armor24510 between breasts910 breasts289394 busty applejack10845 busty daybreaker478 busty fluttershy17963 busty pinkie pie11200 busty princess celestia10607 busty rainbow dash8475 busty rarity13430 busty trixie4218 busty twilight sparkle12485 covering4042 dual wield367 evil mane six47 evil spike31 good vs evil59 gun16359 hammer1771 horn78209 horned humanization6906 humanized102043 knights of equestria1 magic75553 mane seven6687 mane six32634 nightmare applejack70 nightmare fluttershy76 nightmare mane 618 nightmare pinkie92 nightmare rainbow dash79 nightmare spike17 nightmare twilight192 nightmares of equestria1 nightmarified620 poster5501 riding7617 shield2209 signature27121 sword11995 unconvincing armor1173 war hammer299 weapon31485 winged humanization8856 wings123740 wonderbolts3704


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Ghost of Zeon

Of the 5 that have cannon dark power only one is showing as pure good guy.
I mean we have nightmare rarity from the comics, nightmare moon, her sisters evil side from the dream Daybraker, and Twilight’s Midnight Sparkle (even if that was human twilight). then the rest of mane six as night mares with Flutters as flutter bat nightmare. But Trixie Stands as the pure hero in this image having no dark counterpart.