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safe1586961 screencap206365 princess celestia89837 princess luna94245 alicorn199697 pony857103 between dark and dawn1525 bipedal30944 city3760 clothes414917 female1207547 giant pony4238 giantess3660 giantlestia319 hair bun2924 macro9985 mare427154 pointy ponies3151 ponytail15969 postcard199 royal sisters3965 shirt21712


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Drama King

Oddly specific desire for their vacation, to terrorize a city as two macro goddesses… Judging by the look on Celestia’s face she was absolutely on board with this idea! I bet this is what they secretly both want, to cut loose with their divine powers and show everypony that they aren’t just to be loved; they are to be worshiped and feared! They couldn’t wait to retire because then they wouldn’t be bound by their “moral obligation” to cater to these pathetic little things they could easily squish like insects! Wonder what city they chose to wipe off the map, how many helpless ponies they crushed beneath their godly hooves or from buildings they laid to rubble, or how many they scooped up and devoured mostly whole and alive, making these lowly bugs suffer all for the sake of their goddesses’ amusement… <3