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collab by: Nocturnal-Moonlight and base by Anxiov-Bases


Also as you can see this is Moon’s second hairstyle uvu she has 3 actually ; anyways , her hair is REALLY long for her height but it’s just that she can’t keep it short because it growns so fast so she sometime just decides to leave it long xd
safe (1376380)artist:moon-rose-rosie (172)artist:nocturnal-moonlight (97)oc (500890)oc:astral moonlight (20)oc:celestial moon (110)alicorn (152873)bandage (4239)blank flank (5945)blushing (147169)female (709489)filly (45901)interdimensional siblings (113)magical lesbian spawn (7691)offspring (27150)parent:rainbow dash (4055)parents:twidash (485)parent:twilight sparkle (5785)pony (649329)


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