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Bask in my super late fathers day pic. This took longer than expected but here ya go! I included tempest cause I felt that she fulfills the father role fairly well and keeps them in line. Otherwise, a lot of stuff is happening.

– Tranquil is trying to teach holly to fly while Pop’n jay wants to race him.

– Sirius and Epic are fairly close and playing together.

– Honey has found an adorable worm she wants to share with everyone.

– Sunburst is interrogating Sombra about all the undiscovered knowledge in the Crystal Empire (he’s not allowed to enter the empire)

– Tempest has been trying to defeat Shining in a dual and is determined to win this time cause he’s the only one who knows how to fight hoof to hoof.

– Spike is foalsitting since dragons are notoriously protective of young, and is keeping his own egg warm as he listens to DD talk about her stories.

– Crescent, Dio and Hazy are enjoying the fight between Tempest and Shining.
    – Hazy: Yah, go get him, mom- I mean, commander!
    -Cresent: Yay, violence!!
    -Dio: I wanna try that too.

– Cinnamon and Mary napping on her dad, Iron Will.

– Flim and Quibble discussing marketing and Flim giving advise on how to reel people into reading his magazine.

– Lapis watching his crush cause hes too shy to talk to Hazy.

– Cheese is entertaining the unseen foals.
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