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Bask in my super late fathers day pic. This took longer than expected but here ya go! I included tempest cause I felt that she fulfills the father role fairly well and keeps them in line. Otherwise, a lot of stuff is happening.

- Tranquil is trying to teach holly to fly while Pop'n jay wants to race him.

- Sirius and Epic are fairly close and playing together.

- Honey has found an adorable worm she wants to share with everyone.

- Sunburst is interrogating Sombra about all the undiscovered knowledge in the Crystal Empire (he's not allowed to enter the empire)

- Tempest has been trying to defeat Shining in a dual and is determined to win this time cause he's the only one who knows how to fight hoof to hoof.

- Spike is foalsitting since dragons are notoriously protective of young, and is keeping his own egg warm as he listens to DD talk about her stories.

- Crescent, Dio and Hazy are enjoying the fight between Tempest and Shining.
— Hazy: Yah, go get him, mom- I mean, commander!
-Cresent: Yay, violence!!
-Dio: I wanna try that too.

- Cinnamon and Mary napping on her dad, Iron Will.

- Flim and Quibble discussing marketing and Flim giving advise on how to reel people into reading his magazine.

- Lapis watching his crush cause hes too shy to talk to Hazy.

- Cheese is entertaining the unseen foals.
safe1552463 artist:jolliapplegirl437 cheese sandwich3568 fancypants1758 flim2125 iron will1291 king sombra12508 quibble pants1422 shining armor21520 spike74001 sunburst5661 tempest shadow15063 oc592114 oc:chocolate cheesecake60 oc:cinnamon apple20 oc:crescent moonstone19 oc:daydreamer26 oc:diopside6 oc:epic rhyme18 oc:hazy sky33 oc:honey brie6 oc:lapis hondo lazuli12 oc:marigold151 oc:nova c. flare9 oc:parfait53 oc:pop'n jay2 oc:sea holly8 oc:sirius veil45 oc:sweet deal26 oc:tranquil spring22 centaur2507 dragon46426 earth pony189796 hybrid14688 kirin6433 pegasus231687 pony824550 unicorn256074 adopted offspring965 armpits41081 broken horn12550 cute173131 diacheeses71 dragon hybrid36 father and daughter2189 father and son811 father's day171 female876972 flimabetes64 horn40192 interspecies offspring6172 magical gay spawn858 magical lesbian spawn10267 male298307 next generation5901 offspring33385 parent:applejack3180 parent:cheese sandwich1579 parent:fancypants713 parent:flim214 parent:fluttershy3916 parent:iron will66 parent:king sombra1016 parent:pinkie pie3505 parent:princess celestia1815 parent:princess ember291 parent:quibble pants168 parent:rainbow dash4860 parent:rarity3450 parent:spike1948 parent:spitfire357 parent:tempest shadow1885 parent:thorax476 parent:twilight sparkle7085 parent:zephyr breeze610 parents:cheesepie1362 parents:flimjack140 parents:ironshy37 parents:quibbledash137 parents:sombrashy54 parents:sombrawill8 parents:tempestlight422 parents:thoraxspike121 parents:twilestia147 parents:zephyrfire3 quibblebetes30 shining adorable505 snot bubble134 sombradorable274 sunbetes233 tempestbetes2428 willabetes26 winged spike6977


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