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here’s Palutena the goddess of light as a mermaid she does look pretty
i used this base: Equestria Girls Slumber Party Twilight Base
safe (1426433)artist:selenaede (1110)artist:user15432 (693)mermaid (1479)equestria girls (159329)barely eqg related (377)base used (10525)clothes (354859)crossover (52942)crown (10693)equestria girls-ified (7280)equestria girls style (298)fins (574)goddess (323)goddess of light (7)jewelry (38854)kid icarus (152)kid icarus: uprising (89)mermaidized (726)mermaid tail (142)necklace (12227)nintendo (2912)palutena (82)pearl necklace (726)regalia (12202)species swap (15744)super smash bros. (957)tail (14711)


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