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My favorite kink ship is Flutter Pet, Please enjoy as much as I enjoy these two <3
safe1597334 artist:pastel-pony-princess337 discord29157 fluttershy201082 butterfly6491 draconequus9459 pegasus251174 pony866999 alternate design2256 bell3875 bell collar2011 bridle3269 cat bell425 clothes418601 collar29539 discoshy2569 female1270637 femsub9479 flutterpet219 hairclip966 leash7030 male337631 maledom4237 pet tag1529 shipping185945 socks58314 spread wings48888 stockings29237 straight126019 striped socks19634 submissive14094 tack3935 thigh highs29524 wings83633


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Background Pony #C7DD
I think so many submissive straight girls seeing this picture may want to be Fluttershy right now.