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Commission for Midori Kuroba, done by Frist.

Midori’s boyfriend takes a peek at her knickers while at school, but he didn’t get permission first.
suggestive (112896)artist:frist44 (1167)oc (524058)oc:goombasa (31)oc:midori kuroba (49)sphinx (1335)ankh (136)assisted exposure (1532)blushing (153530)butt (9246)claws (3854)clothes (354953)colored (15285)egyptian (556)embarrassed (8790)embarrassed underwear exposure (668)eye of ra (5)gray underwear (155)magic (57378)magic abuse (475)magic aura (1878)offscreen character (24084)panties (41486)paw pads (200)paws (3555)pleated skirt (3398)school uniform (5982)sharp teeth (2449)skirt (31485)skirt lift (4170)slit eyes (3068)solo (874563)teeth (6396)underpaw (986)underwear (49563)wing hands (1530)wings (52751)

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