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Selfie time!

Starlight and her great friends just relaxing outside and enjoying each other’s company when she decided to take a group picture of all of them. That’s a keeper, definitely going on Instagram. 😏

Art belongs to me
Characters and MLP FIM belongs to Hasbro/DHX
safe (1374919)artist:ilovemyoozik (16)derpibooru exclusive (18740)boulder (pet) (1130)maud pie (10717)spike (64427)starlight glimmer (35715)sunburst (4266)trixie (53829)twilight sparkle (250494)alicorn (152618)baby (7296)baby dragon (1000)beard (2489)blue eyes (2673)cape (7059)claws (3347)clothes (337846)cup (4363)day (522)dragon (32915)earth pony (133489)eyes closed (64067)facial hair (3609)fangs (16477)female (708235)field (784)flying (28044)glasses (44315)green eyes (2511)grin (26374)group (2255)hair flip (142)hair over one eye (6605)hat (60024)hill (532)holding (1745)horn (20481)levitation (8066)looking at you (113714)magic (54528)male (240184)mare (310070)mountain (3473)open mouth (98680)pet rock (49)photo (64615)picnic blanket (562)pony (648370)pose (3835)purple eyes (1261)robe (2294)rock (3209)selfie (2346)selfie stick (26)sitting (43677)sketchbook (233)smiling (172973)smirk (8734)socks (coat marking) (1043)spread wings (39051)stallion (66924)sun (4758)sunburst's glasses (136)sunburst's robe (161)teacup (2157)telekinesis (19307)traditional art (91727)trixie's cape (2638)trixie's hat (3275)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96702)unicorn (183952)waving (1959)winged spike (4021)wings (47488)wizard hat (657)wizard robe (63)

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