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Just because Allegro Jazz is allergic to apples doesn’t mean he can’t contribute to the family! While he struggled with his place for awhile, his Ma telling him all about the Pear family inspired him to get in touch with his roots in a different way. He got to plant his first pear tree as a colt, and as time went on he planted more, got in contact with some of the Pears, and helped revive their business! And sometimes, his Ma swears he’s the spitting image of his great Grand Pear~
safe (1521060) artist:golden-risuto (2) artist:kindheart525 (630) oc (572225) oc only (392742) oc:allegro jazz (11) earth pony (178878) pony (795686) kindverse (826) apple tree (2582) food (57204) offspring (31936) parent:apple bloom (587) parent:tender taps (161) parents:tenderbloom (151) pear (482) pear tree (182) tree (25958)


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