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MarbleMac > Marble Pie & Big Mac

TwiBra > King Somba & Twilight Sparkle

ScratchTavia > Octavia Melody & Vinyl Scratch

DoctorDerpy > Derpy Hooves & Doctor Whooves
safe (1520242) artist:jhock775 (5) big macintosh (26289) derpy hooves (47326) dj pon-3 (27586) doctor whooves (9871) king sombra (12298) marble pie (5955) octavia melody (21787) time turner (9857) twilight sparkle (275908) vinyl scratch (31681) alicorn (183429) pony (796739) doctorderpy (1377) female (845871) heart (41187) lesbian (88756) male (288652) marblemac (464) scratchtavia (2765) shipping (177033) straight (117049) twibra (284) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (110779)


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Background Pony #8B63
ScratchTavia and DoctorDerpy in my headcanon and MarbleMac in my AU headcanon
Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
This reminds me of a mini head-canon I thought of once…. Basically my completely baseless nonsense theory is that grey, dull, mono-toned, simple or otherwise anything less than ULTRA vibrant and flashy is, or has been discriminated against in the past for their culture. Basically in a world full of multi-colored rainbow ponies, the more natural or "plain" looking among them are considered less special, maybe even some racism is in there. So basically the pony-world equivalent of gay pride, is gray pride.