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safe (1430997)screencap (175112)apple bloom (43655)applejack (148050)babs seed (5374)pipsqueak (2565)rainbow dash (204143)rarity (157837)scootaloo (46550)sweetie belle (43846)earth pony (148769)pegasus (188567)pony (699632)unicorn (204051)the cart before the ponies (802)the last crusade (552)spoiler:s09e12 (554)clubhouse (592)colt (11251)crusaders clubhouse (572)crying (35826)cutie mark crusaders (16255)eyes closed (68078)female (761598)filly (50632)foal (12419)male (258511)trio (6014)

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Background Pony #C9CC
Me: Why are you three crying?
Apple Bloom: Because it’s the end of the cutie mark crusaders club!
Scootaloo: And I have to say goodbye to both of them!
Sweetie Belle: It’s hopeless!
CMC: (crying)
Me: Cheer up, girls. I’m sure figure something out.
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