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MissStormWarden :
Twilight Sparkle : What do you mean this is all you could find? I said all the expense reports for the last year! Not half of them!

Don’t you just hate when a perfectionist boss rakes you over the coals for having trouble with a task they’ve given you?

(Since that YCH didn’t get any takers, I’ve decided to upload the base image anyway)
safe (1431113)artist:missstormwarden (2)twilight sparkle (260923)alicorn (164073)pony (699736)3d (51493)ashtray (132)book (27119)bookshelf (2455)bust (31417)chair (4961)cigar (630)commission (40756)couch (5978)desk (2432)female (761745)mare (336279)necktie (5267)office (697)painting (2865)paper (2604)portrait (24836)solo (877302)source filmmaker (30707)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102378)whistler's mother (3)


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