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Another Commission!  
I love drawing hugs

safe2155498 artist:ohjeetorig36 applejack198870 pinkie pie253756 earth pony438337 pony1583449 g42008432 blue background10100 confetti2611 cowboy hat25226 cute263294 diapinkes12518 duo164710 featured image1196 female1782379 freckles43038 hat122767 hug37201 jackabetes7876 lesbian116563 mare728989 official fan art76 one eye closed45070 open mouth233381 ship:applepie874 shipping251418 simple background585976 smiling390380


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Background Pony #5FC5
I’ve seen plenty of female x male art where the characters are just hugging or smiling at each other, or simply standing together, and I’ve yet to see those being held to such a standard (people removing ship tags when there are none to be found in the source link, etc.). It’s kinda sad, really.
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Rice pone
Honestly, especially without blushing or hearts (even with maybe; no bedroom eyes, kissing, shocked hape), the image looks pretty neutral/open for interpretation.
The only implication it’s shipping is because the commissioner states it is.