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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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On his first day of boot camp, Prince Azure Glide thought he was prepared for the harshness of Royal Guard training. That was… until he met Drill Sgt. Steelhoof, or "Ol' piss and vinegar" as the cadets came to call him. He was the type of earth stallion from Appleloosa that would crush, break, and remold any of his recruits to be the worthy protectors of Equestria. He shows no mercy to anypony as he sees them as 'maggots' and 'pukes'. Yet, with Azure, he had to be careful, lest he gets chewed out by his mother, Celestia, or even worse. Still, he sees potential in all his recruits and will make them into the finest warriors to make the Solar Princess proud.
safe (1522355) artist:mashiromiku (556) oc (572990) oc only (393161) oc:azure glide (60) oc:drill sgt. steelhoof (1) earth pony (179278) pegasus (221176) pony (796909) clothes (387428) commission (46816) drill sergeant (79) gate (140) guard armor (70) jewelry (46000) regalia (14705) royal guard (6847) spear (2117) traditional art (105019) uniform (8564) watercolor painting (2564) weapon (25477)


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