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Even once Apple Bloom has grown up and has a Stetson hat like her big sister, she can't totally ditch the pink bow. It's her thing!
(Alternate version without volumetric effects. I don't like it as much, but I thought some people might like to be able to see the subject clearly)

>>2070132 Clean shot
>>2070135 Naughty shot
>>2070141 Overly dramatic dark shot
(here) Clean shot without crepuscular rays (sunbeams)
>>2070153 Naughty shot without crepuscular rays (sunbeams)

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safe1615164 artist:stellarator379 apple bloom47507 earth pony215772 anthro240094 unguligrade anthro44406 3d67726 barn2876 blender5417 bow25807 breasts254123 busty apple bloom1579 clothes425781 cowgirl outfit105 crepuscular rays2500 cycles581 daisy dukes1329 dramatic pose60 female1285764 hat79489 hay1473 hay bale1033 mare439289 midriff18509 not sfm626 older24334 older apple bloom1842 shorts12854 slow motion188 smiling224420 solo1003347


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