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I love how the manga series starts with a zombie apocalypse. :3 This is going to be good.

Official preview by Seven Seas Entertainment, the manga’s publisher. Source link contains high-res picture.

Alternate source
safe (1429253)artist:nekoshiei (45)seven seas (86)applejack (147844)bulk biceps (3026)carrot top (4888)derpy hooves (45894)doctor whooves (9530)golden harvest (4886)pinkie pie (189064)spike (68536)time turner (9520)twilight sparkle (260493)alicorn (163553)dragon (37708)earth pony (148261)pegasus (188045)pony (698033)zombie (1803)zombie pony (342)28 pranks later (838)my little pony: the manga (89)spoiler:manga (78)spoiler:manga1 (76)alternate dimension (47)alternate universe (5856)book (27071)bookshelf (2448)cookie zombie (195)dialogue (50646)drake (127)fear (784)fear the prancing dead (1)female (760047)floppy ears (41319)galloping (284)gritted teeth (9137)library (2481)magic (57514)magic portal (4)male (258004)manga (932)manga style (112)mare (335236)mirror portal (53)my little pony: the manga - a day in the life of equestria (4)official content (62)official preview (10)preview (1789)promo (232)reassurance (30)reference (3202)running (4623)scared (7903)shocked (4762)shocked expression (257)speech bubble (16670)stallion (72981)text (40582)tree (22607)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102089)winged spike (5559)wood (500)zombie apocalypse (22)


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