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Welcome to the boss fight for this chapter! Do whatever you can to take her down!

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safe (1522347) artist:papadragon69 (937) queen chrysalis (31282) spike (72430) changeling (37401) changeling queen (10318) dragon (44399) comic:spike's cyosa (286) 3d (58039) choice (158) choose your own adventure (572) comic (97249) comic book (570) crystal empire (1937) female (846409) fight (5488) glass (3779) male (288158) older (21537) older spike (4287) punch (1004) source filmmaker (34740) teenage spike (651) teenager (3905) winged spike (6631)


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40 comments posted
Background Pony #2BDE
Plot twist, both would miss, Chrysalis gets disposed off anyway and Flurry Heart sees the comic while Spike isn't paying attention
Background Pony #ED5F
The comic, just because.

@Background Pony #CBFB
yeah that's going to be weird, no matter how this goes Spike has to live with getting fucked to shared orgasm via bugcock. Awkward conversation inbound.

Biggest loser
you know thinking about the options here she either gets sucked into a comic( if its truly by the same guys) or attempt to throw glass,
For the book I don't see too many immediate repercussions(The porn might super charger her once she escapes it)
for the glass, I say she'd just catch it and throw it back at ya
Background Pony #7120
You know, I thought Chrysalis but there wasn't a crown in her silhouette (on the cover) so it came as a surprise.
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2 PWNYZ in 1
The glass might stun her, maybe even make her bleed. I'm not sure if changeling blood were to damage anything though…
Then there's the comic…
Brass Melody
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General Gas Lover
Knowing how some comic books work in FiM, it might be advantageous for Spike to throw the book at her and toss her into a different reality.