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Welcome to the boss fight for this chapter! Do whatever you can to take her down!

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safe (1376530)artist:papadragon69 (592)queen chrysalis (28000)spike (64552)comic:spike's cyosa (135)3d (48264)choice (105)choose your own adventure (362)comic (84824)comic book (496)crystal empire (1718)dragon (33047)fight (4973)glass (3162)male (240734)older (16687)older spike (3207)punch (890)source filmmaker (28537)teenager (2761)teenage spike (496)winged spike (4086)

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40 comments posted
Background Pony #86B5
Plot twist, both would miss, Chrysalis gets disposed off anyway and Flurry Heart sees the comic while Spike isn’t paying attention
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Background Pony #3807
The comic, just because.

@Background Pony #CBFB
yeah that’s going to be weird, no matter how this goes Spike has to live with getting fucked to shared orgasm via bugcock. Awkward conversation inbound.
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Spikey's avatar
you know thinking about the options here she either gets sucked into a comic( if its truly by the same guys) or attempt to throw glass,
For the book I don’t see too many immediate repercussions(The porn might super charger her once she escapes it)
for the glass, I say she’d just catch it and throw it back at ya
Background Pony #EF0B
You know, I thought Chrysalis but there wasn’t a crown in her silhouette (on the cover) so it came as a surprise.
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Comments40 comments posted