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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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safe (1430813)artist:plunger (166)princess celestia (83731)oc (525934)oc:anon (10594)alicorn (164003)pony (699388)... (1852)cake (7943)cakelestia (923)condescending (20)crown (10841)cute (148884)cutelestia (2655)dialogue (50721)duo (39202)female (761357)food (51206)good girl (356)jewelry (39203)majestic as fuck (1029)mare (336027)/mlp/ (7932)peytral (1673)ponified (34314)profile (4199)regalia (12378)speech bubble (16702)that pony sure does love cakes (26)that princess sure does love cake (7)

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