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Uh, oh. What did Spike see?

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explicit (282371)artist:papadragon69 (737)spike (68543)sunburst (4744)dragon (37732)comic:spike's cyosa (196)3d (51406)anal (22881)anal creampie (6932)anus (77859)balls (57978)blushing (153826)choose your own adventure (452)comic (89580)crystal empire (1784)cum (64913)cum in hand (2)cumming (16136)dragon dick (483)erection (8830)exclamation point (2884)gay (22725)horsecock (51512)male (258047)nudity (294746)older (18515)older spike (3703)penetration (41349)penis (121629)roleplaying (467)sex (93890)source filmmaker (30658)spikeburst (3)teenager (3200)teenage spike (573)winged spike (5561)

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Background Pony #D601
I think it will either be.

1: Flurry


2: Cadence/Shining forgot something so she/he teleported back.
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