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June 2019 commissioned piece for a commissioner who wished to remain anonymous. This was a tricky composition and took a couple of passes to get something I was satisfied with, but here's the end result.

I will be taking commissions again once Twilight's First Day #28 is out (which I hope to have completed by the end of June 2019), so get in touch!
safe1583237 artist:muffinshire185 applejack159573 fluttershy199380 pinkie pie204087 rainbow dash220540 rarity170743 twilight sparkle283335 alicorn198905 pony853944 beam struggle90 burning565 chains4419 commission54541 crossover58006 eyes closed81064 female1163172 fight5795 fire10185 ghost pony rider18 ghost rider76 gritted teeth10467 injured3110 kicking1891 lying down10291 mane six29628 party cannon1671 pinkiecopter66 ponified38386 ponyville5154 tailcopter69 teary eyes3398 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115977 underhoof46666


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If that was the case, (As the commissioner) I would have at least switch who he was fighting to be someone like Tirek or Grogar- Or maybe have the Mane 6 fight Vengeance in stead of Ghost Rider.
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The commissioner originally wanted a full multi-page comic, and the story was something about a bad guy secretly controlling other characters (I never got much more detail as I said from the outset I couldn’t take on a large project), so they just opted for this fight scene instead.
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