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Sunset: Hey Twilight.

Sci-Twi: Oh, hi Sunset. Wow. You’re certainly a lot thinner now and my machine isn’t even finished yet.

Sunset: (Chuckle) Yeah. Ever since Pinkie fattened me up at the music festival, I’ve been spending a lot more time with Rainbow Dash. I tell ya, her exercise programs work a treat.

Then suddenly, Pinkie Pie pops in from out of nowhere.

Pinkie: Did I hear someone say “treat”?

Twilight: (unamused) Oh. Hi Pinkie.

Pinkie: Ooohh, Twilight. (Grabs hold of Twilight’s belly) You still have this huge, squishy, huggable, comfy, doughy belly of yours?

Twilight: (still unamused) Why yes I do. My special machine still isn’t ready yet.

Pinkie: Why in the name of Nutella croissants would you wanna get rid of all this lovely flab?

Twilight: Because Pinkie, unlike you, I actually don’t like being this fat, weighing nearly a ton and constantly getting myself stuck in everything.

Pinkie: Well, that doesn’t seem to- (Then a watch can be heard beeping) Ooh. An hour has passed. Time, once again, for my special cupcake snack stuffing time.

She pulls a huge tray of cupcakes behind her back (using Pinkie-Pie-Logic) and starts chomping away.

Sunset: Seriously, Pinkie, do you ever get tired of eating every hour?

Pinkie: Nope. Not at all.

Twilight: Do you ever feel like you’re starting to dislike the constant taste of cupcakes?

Pinkie: Nope, part 2. They’re my favourite.

Sunset: Don’t you know that too much of a good thing is not a good thing? Like for example.. (she pats Pinkie’s belly)

Pinkie: Oh Sunset, I love my tummy. I like having a tummy and a booty this huge.

Twilight: But why?! I don’t understand.

Pinkie: Because my big tummy makes me feel warm and cozy inside and I just feel so good about myself.

Twilight: Rrrrright. When you feel cozy, I feel more and more tired. Once I’ve finished my machine, that belly and appetite of yours will be gone. You will soon see the error of your ways.
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