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As the sun set upon Sweet Apple Acres, ponies were finishing up their work and getting ready for supper. It was a normal evening on the farm, with the barn all closed up for the night as usual.

Well, mostly.

The barn was closed for use, but it wasn’t empty. No, two ponies were inside, Somerset Sour Cider and their guest Wolfsbane, treating Wolf’s wounds from a recent timberwolf attack that the Apples had saved her from.

”Ow! Take it easy!” She winced.

”Ah am takin’ it easy,” Somerset waved her off. “Ah know what Ah’m doin’ here, Ah’m from these parts. Jus’ relax.”

”Just because you’re from here doesn’t mean you know how to dress a wound, moron! You’re being way too rough!”

“Oh, you don’t like it rough?” Somerset looked up at her, almost taking her breath away with their striking magenta eyes. “Sorry, Ah can go more softly.”

And so they did, leaning in close to bandage Wolf’s wounds. Really close…so much that she could smell their cidery breath. She quite liked it.


”Mmhm,” Wolf nodded. “Yes. Much better.”


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