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Five Score Novel

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After Somerset recovered from the illness, it didn’t take long for them and Honeycrisp to get home with the cure. It was the same trip as before, but this time Somerset didn’t spend the entire time tormenting Honey. Well, there was some light teasing, but nothing that Honey couldn’t handle. Plus, she was more than capable of dishing it out herself when she wanted to. But this time, it was in good fun.

Nevertheless, it was a good thing Honey and Somerset’s trip went so seamlessly, because they got home just in the nick of time. Any later might have been too late.

“Honey! I came as soon as I could!” She was met at the door by her coltfriend Solomon, who seemed to have taken over the role of family nurse while she was gone. “They’ve only been getting worse!”

”Oh geez…” Honey whispered as she looked over his shoulder at the scene inside. She took a jar of the cure out of her saddlebags. “Somerset, give this to Ma and Pa. Sol and I got the rest.”

Somerset looked between the two as if they were about to make a comment, but instead simply smirked and brushed past them. “‘Kay. Ah’ll leave y’all to it.”

Solomon watched them go in bewilderment. “They seem…awfully nice today. Relatively speaking. Did something happen?”

”Oh, we just had a little talk,” Honey smiled. She trotted into the house and began barking orders.

”Someone throw me some cups!”

Somerset held up a stack of cups and made to chuck them across the room.

”I didn’t mean literally, Som!”

“Fine fine,” they rolled their eyes and walked over with the cups in their magical grasp. Honey took one, poured some of the cure in it, and gave it to her Auntie AJ.

“So what’s got y’all suddenly gettin’ along?” Applejack asked good-naturedly.

Honey wrapped an arm around Somerset and ruffled their mane. “I dunno. I guess trekkin’ through the Everfree Forest just made us get along.”
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