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This is based from the new trailer of the new upcoming special sunsets backstage pass. If you want to see the trailer click the link
safe1588393 artist:artmlpk255 applejack160104 fluttershy199531 rainbow dash220849 sci-twi22356 sunset shimmer58258 twilight sparkle284666 equestria girls182065 equestria girls series28791 sunset's backstage pass!2085 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)11880 angry24284 cross-popping veins1357 duo50035 fanart1326 female919038 festival97 funny3692 meme78831 music festival outfit578 rage face402 red face220 tree27896


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Background Pony #2640
A certain little Rainbow Girl is going to be tied up, have her shorts & panties removed, then have ass being given a LONG & HARD! round of spanking with that paddle by a certain angry & butthurst Bacon Girl.
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