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Uploaded by Background Pony #9806
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suggestive (122257) alternate version (29643) artist:atryl (1966) princess luna (91620) oc (572991) oc:titty sprinkles (65) alicorn (183752) anthro (218872) bat pony (40520) unguligrade anthro (40920) anthro oc (27184) bat pony oc (12624) bracelet (7378) breasts (225482) busty princess luna (5797) canon x oc (20822) commission (46816) constellation (623) corset (3714) cuddling (7529) ethereal mane (5745) eyes closed (75576) female (846415) galaxy mane (888) godiva hair (239) jewelry (46000) mare (386939) nudity (319317) patreon (11250) patreon logo (8140) smiling (202238) strategically covered (2496) thigh highs (26524)


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7 comments posted
Background Pony #B5D1
Why so many uploads of teh exact same image. There is NO differences between em

Different uploaders beating each other to the punch, but not all of them are dupes, there are differences in how much/little exposure there is to clothing and luna's hair.