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safe1586580 seven seas209 rarity171114 smooze818 sweetie belle46637 pony856762 unicorn273948 my little pony: the manga226 my little pony: the manga volume 183 spoiler:manga149 spoiler:manga183 bad cooking10 blushing177861 clothes414743 comic101426 cooking1006 dialogue59600 eaten alive337 female1200918 filly59880 food62204 glasses55227 maid5318 male329338 mare426974 monochrome142948 salute963 sweetie belle can't cook63 sweetie fail209 vore13350 wide eyes16094


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Well, the Smooze seems to like her cooking at least… Which to be honest doesn't seem too strange considering it eats metals and jewelry.
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Background Pony #641C
He made an interview two weeks ago on EQD, this guy is based and a fan since G1. This is why the quality is better than most IDW or FiM episodes.
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Background Pony #641C
Guys give this writer some supportive comments
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Background Pony #641C
It woudnt be a manga if a loli filly wasn't wearing a maid uniform and gotten eaten by a jelly monster. The next panels also feature Sweeie and Rarity NAKED in a bathtub scrubbing eachothers back like in some ecchi anime.
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