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An OC that I made in "Pony Town":pony.town originally. I decided I love her and drew her up a few months ago, but never uploaded the art anywhere.
safe (1410404)artist:jiralightstalker (9)oc (516768)oc:starskipper (2)bat pony (35064)bat pony oc (9718)biting (2719)blaze (coat marking) (586)colored wings (4054)dyed mane (198)ear fluff (17260)eyeshadow (10152)fangs (17237)frog (hoof) (7221)green eyes (2639)hair tie (537)looking at you (118059)looking back (40953)looking back at you (6859)makeup (13666)multicolored hair (3216)multicolored wings (1703)ponytail (12904)shooting star (708)stars (11189)tongue bite (189)tongue out (74422)transgender pride flag (124)underhoof (40641)watermark (12678)wings (51046)

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