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Pretty soft for a Sony.
@Background Pony #F849
I'm sure people have pointed out this before, but whenever someone seems to go on about how "anti gay" some places are in the States, which I'm sure is still a thing for sure, there are many countries out there right now that are very much not friendly towards media with openly homosexual characters. Especially if it's in a children's show.
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@Background Pony #31E8
Those characters appeared before in the comics. It was only a matter of time before the show made them canon. I think this is something they've wanted to do for awhile, but couldn't because of the power anti-gay groups have in the states. They did this now because it was the last season and if there was backlash, they wouldn't care because the show was over by that point and they had less accountability because of that.
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Look at Mr. Brassband here, correctly identifying instruments.

This mistake is common in the tag in question.
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You wanna proof that corpos are filled shallow human garbage that want to use ANY kind of stymulus to appear better tnat they are?
Like google "corporation pr stunt" or something. EVERYBODY on internet hates corporations for a reason, y'know.
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To be fair, they assume that because it's true. It's the same with Burger King or whatever making those mental health meals. They don't care about mental health, they want money. To that end, corporations don't care about gays, they want money.
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Alright, fine. Allow me to further explain: Instead of being glad companies show public support, everyone is instead assuming that it's only for the money without providing so much as a fraction of any kind of proof, and then do nothing about the 'problem'.
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I feel like I know what are you trying to do, but at the same time don't because this reply is just confusing to the highest degree