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What's the matter, DT? You were such a big mouth, now you are silent as a grave?
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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
Aunt Holiday: "Whether it's encouraging others to discover their special talent…"

Auntie Lofty: "…or inspiring them to do what's in their heart…"

No matter how dark or b&&chy their heart was at first!
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@Background Pony #A9C6

We learn that basically, over the last several years, Scootaloo's aunts have been her guardians as her parents are world explorers and gone for months to years at a time. Scoots learns that her parents are due back in town to see her, and there's a lot of happy stories as she talks about her CMC friends. Her parents indicate they are going to set off soon again, and now that Scoots is old enough, they want her to join them when they set off in a few weeks. But this means being away from Ponyville for a loooong time if not forever, and that would mean the end of the CMC.

Scoots is clearly split, but would prefer to be with the CMC. They try various tactics to keep her parents to stay in town and/or prevent them from breaking up the CMC, but those all fall through. Scoots takes an extreme solution and prepares to run away, but AB and SB tell her maybe she should talk about it more. They go to see Scoots aunts, who have been pleased with everything Scoots and the CMC has done, which brings to mind that an idea.

In town all those that the CMC have helped throw a big bash for them, with Scoots parents as obverses. Everyone there professes how the CMC as a trio has helped. This shows Scoots' parents that she's needed here in Ponyville rather than with them, at least for know. The aunts continue to agree to be Scoots guardians, and everyone is happy.
Background Pony #B296
What happened in this episode? Nothing is specific. Did Scootaloo leave? Is Scootaloo staying? What happened? I'm feeling extremely paranoid and worried about what happened in this episode.