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Name: Isla (’eye-la’)
Species: Kelpie
Hobbies: Fishing, Hunting, Singing, Exploring New Places, Collecting Shells, Studying Ponies
Dislikes: Fishermen, Litterbugs, Bullies
Diet: Fish (Especially Salmon), Boar, Water Weeds (Occasionally)
Abilities: Accomplished Swimmer, Enhanced Strength/Durability, Hypnotic Singing, Able to Traverse Land in Smaller, Quadrupedal Form (if Sufficiently Hydrated)

Those who traverse the eastern edge of The Everfree Forest feel a sense of dread when they hear a soft, melodic tune that leads them to the edge of a clear, shimmering lake, for they know what lurks within: a kelpie. A fearsome, malevolent water spirit that uses their hypnotic songs to draw in their prey, before dragging them into their cold, watery lair for acts too unspeakable to mention.
But then, they don’t know Isla.
It’s true, most kelpies are fearsome, pony-eating monsters, but Isla isn’t one of them. She’s a gentle, curious soul who usually reserves her hypnotic voice for when food is scarce, and she needs to coax it out of hiding. She just wants a friend, but as long as ponies believe in the ’all monsters are evil’ stigma, she’s resigned to hiding in the depths of her lake, watching ponies having fun from afar.

Fun Facts:
* Isla doesn’t usually stay in her lake all day; she enjoys exploring ponds, streams, estuaries and other waterways, where she collects shells and other shiny things that she finds
* The floor of Isla’s lake is covered in shells that Isla collects and painstakingly places in the silt. Seriously, don’t touch them, she has them all laid out perfectly
* Her singing voice sounds remarkably like Enya. It’s so gentle and soothing that it’s impossible to resist.
* Isla is pretty easy to get along with, but fishing and littering will not be tolerated. Violators will be sprayed with jets of water and screamed at until they leave
safe (1431215)artist:jamestkelley (82)oc (526152)oc:isla (4)boar (40)kelpie (539)pony (699817)bubble (3661)drinking (2580)fish tail (139)hypnotic song (2)lake (1231)nictitating membrane (11)redraw (1139)singing (5190)snorkel (355)surprised (6846)swimming (1484)traditional art (96532)


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