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’’I love you so much i will grow old with you so i may go wherever you go with you’’ ~discord

So i think that discord would live a mortal life with fluttershy so he wouldnt have to suffer after she passes……


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Speaking Fancy

@Background Pony #AA6F
You can’t put something as trivial as age on an ageless God-like being. Pretty sure he decided to grow old for Fluttershy and when they both died, he, being who he is, already knows what’s to come and will guide Fluttershy through it.
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Background Pony #AA6F
Spike: One day, Discord, one day you will understand and feel romance.
Discord: Ohh, puh-lease, Spike.
Fluttershy: What’s a matter, Discord? You need something.
Discord: Well, um… (See Fluttershy and then Blush)
Spike: Told ya.

It is nice to see Discord gave up his immortality for Fluttershy, or he is only just 1000 years old due to his banishment, otherwise he got old age death already.