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"We’re including gay characters!"

-in the actual episode they’re only-because-the-writers-said-they-are levels of gay

Sheesh you don’t have to have them scissor on-screen but the book that introduced them at least had one give the other a peck on the cheek.
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Background Pony #DBDB
@Background Pony #561F
Bullshit. They didn’t say they were married, kiss or even call each other pet names.
The majority of married people I know don’t do any of that around other people. Frankly, Scootaloo’s aunts not doing it and acting like a normal, completely ordinary couple makes it more real to me than whatever spotlight illuminated exercise on obviousness you seem to need.
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Background Pony #34CB
If this the big BANG they were planning for this season, then I don’t know if I could expect something actually impressive for the rest of the show.
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Background Pony #EC3E
Make a good episode loved by everyone in the fandom? I sleep
Make a cartoon that survive for nine season? I sleep
Include "official" lesbian couple? REAL SHIT, THIS IS THE APEX OF THE FRANCHISE
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Background Pony #561F
Bullshit. They didn’t say they were married, kiss or even call each other pet names. That’s not good representation, that’s lazy and the bare minimum.
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