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I just came back to say that I moved out.
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-Arthur’s Theme
explicit362502 artist:cdv390 derpibooru exclusive29383 oc713955 oc only466542 oc:atari103 oc:raven storm227 oc:spicy flavor121 earth pony267931 unicorn344291 anthro270311 2 handfuls of dat ass2680 3d80703 69 position2823 abs11632 aftersex9698 animated101125 armpits43437 ass51084 bed42473 bedroom eyes61553 belly button81604 big breasts86370 breast grab7487 breasts289578 butt66477 butt grab2693 butt squish135 butt touch4356 clock1974 clothed female nude female2811 clothes477397 covering4042 cuddling8600 cunnilingus9973 curtains2066 door4084 feet41709 female1406000 female pov764 females only13098 fetish41785 foot fetish8141 foot worship763 grope13875 group sex16042 hug29209 huge breasts40200 kissing25445 lesbian99463 licking20911 licking toes38 long animation60 looking at you176394 looking back60306 looking over shoulder3917 looking up17210 lying on bed1914 masturbation19158 music2978 night27474 nipples175971 nudity383435 oc x oc x oc137 offscreen character35861 oral50504 painting3797 partial nudity21456 piercing43291 pov14528 radio562 romantic1538 sex126163 sexy30788 shy4341 skirt41199 sound9553 source filmmaker48655 threesome10767 toe sucking78 toes6668 tongue out108660 topless14309 toy22491 tribadism2157 undressing5364 vulva132736 weapons-grade sexy87 webm14486 window8966


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I’d call this Moving Out and Moving In. That aside, this is very hot, I love how shy the first mare is but then seeing how much she enjoys this…
Background Pony #0BFF
Odd thing to point out I suppose, but I admire the cute scrunchy animation when the press their noses together. Admirable attention to detail.

Holy fucking shit balls this may be the most natural moving SFM animation iv seen in a damningly long time.  
Well done animator and thank you for this gift!
Background Pony #EFFA
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Background Pony #1A24
I’m gay, I’m only here for the foot fetish tag cx but this reminds me of how my first sexual experience went with my bf, I was shy like the girl here cx but he slowly undressed me and stuff like this, good memories cx

Earth pony,stallion red
Desculpe força do hábito, mas suas ocs são bem gostosas principalmente a spicy ela é bisexual?! Na próxima põe ela dando pra um pônei macho está ótimo
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab

Oh my goodnes it’s you sirius face. Creator of abandon all hope fall of equestria. I love your work. You actually drew something i said to you in your Tumblr page.