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Ask anything. Also, I will have a hell of a time keeping up with this. Also, marvel at the kinda shitty logo I made.

Backstory:As with the many alternate universes that are present, there is a universe for every potentiality. This universe is a strange mixture of Dreamland and Equestria…mostly Dreamland. Where instead of ponies, there is kirbies.


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Drama King
Someone should make an MLP hack for Kirby’s Adventure and replace the Kirby characters with MLP characters! The storyline would also be changed to where Discord is using Twilight’s friends to guard the pieces of the Star Rod.

Princess Twilight—Kirby
Fluttershy—Wispy Woods
Rarity—Paint Roller
Pinkie Pie—Mr. Bright
Pinkamina—Mr. Shine
Rainbow Dash—Kracko
Applejack—Heavy Mole
King Sombra—Meta Knight
Discord—King Dedede
Nightmare Moon—Nightmare

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Planeswalker — FoME
My little Kirby,
My little Kirby
Ah ah ah ah…
(My little Kirby)
I used to think that you were so puny
(My little Kirby)
Until you inhaled my abilities
Fighting bad guys!
Eating cake!
Defending our friends
With lives at stake!
Riding Warp Stars,
It’s an easy feat.
Tomatoes make it all complete!
You have my little Kirby.
Don’t you know you all can swallow me whole?
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