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Hello everyone

It's time for a new commission and it's for :iconshotgunblast848:, also a Patron of mine who commissioned this traditional sketch in a funny context XD

:iconsnoopystallion: and I are at the beach, enjoying the warm weather and cold water as we go swimming until suddenly a small mishap is occuring when a crab steals his swimming trunks XD Lucky for dear Snoopy he is standing in the sea and noone really notices at first, but you can tell he doesn't find it rather ammusing and might be wondering how he should react next haha. I find it a little hilarious myself, hence why you see me chuckleling in the background :P Poor Snoopy I would help getting his pants back for sure ;)

A funny little sketch that was enjoyable to work on since anthros are quite fun to do and the scene itself featured us, which I very much appreciate. Thank you for that :D It's been fun for me and still is when I look at it :) I especially like the way Snoopy turned out here, his blushing, embarrassed face is kinda gold and I like the way his body looks kinda natural I myself tried to make me look the way my real body physicality is, my still chubby proportions and I think I managed :) The crab in the background was just a small funny addition so people would understand what's going on ;)

Thanks again to the commissioner for this piece and for the support, it means a lot :D

Hope you like it :)

Time: Around 1 1/2 Hours

If you want to support me, make sure to check out my Patreon. Every little bit helps me to keep my work possible and is very much appreciated. Thank you

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