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safe (1425316)alternate version (23724)artist:kora kosicka (32)sci-twi (18722)twilight sparkle (259601)equestria girls (159171)equestria girls series (23640)spring breakdown (1940)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (8294)clothes (354530)cute (147881)feet (29453)female (756876)geode of telekinesis (2072)glasses (46834)magical geodes (5442)open-toed shoes (79)ponytail (13118)sandals (3361)smiling (182544)solo (873782)twiabetes (8007)

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RushCars24's avatar
Sci-Twi Lover
So, these are the early developments of Mane Seven’s Spring outfits before the Spring special released, right? That’s worth it, totally glad to see some behind-the-scenes production that Hasbro previously working on before the special release. All of the outfits that the girls wore in that special fits like a glove, this one here is no exception.
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