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with permission the glowing stripes version of my commission. drawn by the amazing mercurial all credit to him!
explicit362497 alternate version50179 artist:mercurial64370 oc713947 oc only466540 oc:queen scarlet42 changeling49957 changeling queen17832 anatomically correct24898 anus100560 bioluminescent272 butt66477 cave3499 changeling queen oc1881 clitoris28511 dock52228 fangs26796 female1405989 glowing genitals576 looking at you176390 looking back60306 looking back at you16104 not queen chrysalis22 nudity383430 open mouth155391 plot82296 presenting24981 rear view12878 reasonably sized genitals1841 slit pupils5115 smiling262554 smug6299 solo1097391 solo female184034 squirting2643 stripes1388 vaginal secretions41028 vulva132736 vulvar winking12426


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