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Aj: Well what are you waiting for? We got all night!
Gallus: still processing on what's happening.
Update: There is now a fanfic out!

Page 1: >>2064227
Page 2: >>2064229
page 3: (here)
Finale: >>2072037
safe1587734 artist:frist441295 part of a set9816 applejack160044 gallus5896 earth pony203418 griffon25065 pony855221 fanfic:rewarding punishment12 the hearth's warming club818 beak674 blushing177854 clopfic in description866 fanfic10231 fanfic art13192 fanfic in the description168 galljack24 hat77435 hearth's warming724 hearth's warming eve1127 kissing22668 kissu34 older gallus92 quadrupedal1569 relationship79 shipping185484 special somepony71 surprise kiss746 surprised8171 surprised face75 teacher and student279 wide eyes16284


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