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Aj: Well what are you waiting for? We got all night!
Gallus: still processing on what’s happening.
Update: There is now a fanfic out!

Page 1: >>2064227
Page 2: >>2064229
page 3: (here)
Finale: >>2072037
safe (1429983)artist:frist44 (1174)applejack (147945)gallus (4510)earth pony (148477)griffon (21380)pony (698735)fanfic:rewarding punishment (8)the hearth's warming club (762)beak (462)blushing (153920)fanfic (9578)fanfic art (11370)fanfic in the description (122)galljack (19)hat (64810)hearth's warming (556)hearth's warming eve (995)kissing (20114)kissu (31)older gallus (31)part of a set (7112)quadrupedal (1024)relationship (56)shipping (164618)special somepony (64)surprised (6835)surprised face (49)surprise kiss (615)teacher and student (190)wide eyes (14314)

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