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safe1590247 artist:frist441295 part of a set9856 applejack160212 gallus5906 earth pony204441 griffon25130 pony857148 semi-anthro11133 fanfic:rewarding punishment12 the hearth's warming club819 bipedal31018 bipedal leaning1493 confrontation220 cracks175 dialogue61091 dilated pupils595 door3656 fanfic10236 fanfic art13203 galljack24 hat77605 hearth's warming724 hearth's warming eve1127 hiding1334 leaning3206 misunderstanding215 older gallus96 onomatopoeia3454 quadrupedal1571 shipping185807 shocked5856 shocked face33 smashing117 smug5196 sound effects1658 spread wings48424 surprised8198 surprised face75 vulgar19714 wide eyes16295 wingboner7836 wings79180


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