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Finale: >>2072037
safe (1426754)artist:frist44 (1167)applejack (147568)gallus (4477)earth pony (147631)griffon (21310)pony (694557)semi-anthro (9500)fanfic:rewarding punishment (8)the hearth's warming club (762)bipedal (26962)bipedal leaning (1267)confrontation (202)cracks (139)dialogue (50534)dilated pupils (527)door (3125)fanfic (9559)fanfic art (11335)galljack (19)hat (64574)hearth's warming (556)hearth's warming eve (995)hiding (1149)leaning (2736)misunderstanding (177)older gallus (31)onomatopoeia (2181)part of a set (7082)quadrupedal (1015)shipping (164111)shocked (4746)shocked face (13)smashing (90)smug (4174)sound effects (1044)spread wings (40890)surprised (6805)surprised face (49)vulgar (17967)wide eyes (14268)wingboner (7270)wings (52751)

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