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Prologue to the finale of Galljack mini series I started. This is after when Gallus goo's up the tree but he still has to take the lesson in honesty. And since Gallus is already a well known trouble maker, it wasn't that hard to figure out the culprit, so AJ was called ahead of time because who else would but the element of honesty would give a "one on one" honesty lesson.
Update: There is now a fanfic out!

Page 1: (here)
Page 2: >>2064229
Page 3: >>2064230
Finale: >>2072037
safe1590269 artist:frist441295 part of a set9851 applejack160231 gallus5906 twilight sparkle285001 earth pony204489 griffon25132 pony857246 semi-anthro11132 unicorn271953 fanfic:rewarding punishment12 the hearth's warming club819 abs9436 applejacked1055 beak675 bipedal31022 bipedal leaning1493 clopfic in description868 crossed arms4287 dialogue61042 door3656 fanfic10243 fanfic art13211 fanfic in the description168 galljack24 hat77636 hearth's warming724 hearth's warming eve1127 hiding1335 impending doom196 implied twilight sparkle1665 it's a trap193 leaning3207 muscles10216 offscreen character29997 older gallus96 quadrupedal1571 shipping185837 waiting217 wings79244


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