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Here’s Lamika being a little shit while Pristine Silk contemplates if she’s going to charge her extra for the first aid treatment!  
Pristine Silk is the oc of @umbreow  
I had wanted to draw her so I did!  
She’s a real cutie!
safe1769245 artist:rarityismywaifu52 oc721642 oc only471227 oc:lamika214 oc:pristine silk4 pegasus316319 pony1029127 unicorn350257 fallout equestria17764 bandage5922 blood25601 bottle4347 bow30460 choker13323 clothes482458 desk3457 dialogue68983 duo66213 eyeshadow17017 fallout3726 fangs27253 female1418021 first aid78 freckles30578 hair bow16616 healing potion16 health potion16 injured3428 jewelry70411 levitation12759 magic76348 makeup23403 mare510694 necklace21218 one eye closed33226 pillow18909 pipboy599 pipbuck3647 potion2263 robe3802 scrunchie399 speech3190 speech bubble24885 talking6378 telekinesis29164 text63212 vault suit3670 window9091 wink26053


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