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suggestive125986 artist:nignogs97 oc592508 oc only403671 oc:aryanne2990 earth pony189978 pony825011 antisemitism63 aryan672 aryan pony980 blonde1942 clothes400022 colored17340 comic99655 crush fetish455 crushed105 female877531 fetish34221 frog (hoof)9531 giant pony4052 hat74507 hoof fetish2206 hoofbutt1055 implied anus60 implied labia55 macro10262 mare403402 nazi3593 nazipone779 size difference12268 socks55616 swastika2072 this will end in pain1650 underhoof45918


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18 comments posted
Background Pony #1B45
Pff… from my country they want almost 300.000.000.000 dollars. Even that we save almost half milion people despire death sentence from almost every manifestation of help.
Background Pony #4610
2 billion?! What do you need 1 billion for? It seems ridiculous to ask for half a million without telling us what your going to do with it. I can't believe it… a quarter million! Expect my lawyer, I'm going to sue you for 6 billion!!!